A Shared Vision

“I would definitely recommend ChannelConnector to any property managers or operators of PMS Systems. I tell people that you guys are the best channel manager. This is what a channel manager should be and needs to be”

  Mark Harpenau Founder and CEO Vacation RentPro

Client information

Vacation RentPro (VRP), established in 2006, has grown to become a market leader in vacation rental software.

VRP Product/Services

VRP is a feature filled rental vacation software including booking and payment features, housekeeping schedules, and guest reviews. It is designed to help property managers and owners oversee the rental process through all stages.


Like many other success stories, Mark Harpenau’s thriving vacation rental software business grew out of personal need. Having purchased his first vacation rental in 2006, he was left unimpressed by the standard of software available to him at that time.  “I looked around and I didn’t like what I saw. I didn’t like the features or how they worked. I didn’t really enjoy working in a web environment, a cloud-based system, so I developed my own”-Mark.

As his business grew and he began to integrate with various API platforms, Mark faced some significant challenges including:  slow response times, branding control issues and disinterested staff, among others. These problems were a source of frustration for him and did not align with his vision for the growth of VRP.

Impact on Business

Mark quickly learned that ChannelConnector has a different philosophy to companies he has worked with in the past. From the very beginning of their partnership, it was clear that this was a company which shared VRP’s commitment to prompt professionalism.

Mark also celebrates ChannelConnector  for its full retention of channel account and branding control. He explained “It has been great to be able to tell people that they can keep control of their own name and their own listing. That was a big drawback in the past.” 

He said “I feel like I have more control. The push service lets me update when I need to so I can control when things get updated. At the same time, it allows me to verify what is on your system and I can also pull from it.”

Another great feature ChannelConnector offers is automated onboarding, expediting property listings on OTAs.

Above all else, Mark cites the friendly professionalism and responsiveness of the ChannelConnector staff as having had the greatest impact in terms of his day to day interaction with the company.   

Mark  sums  up his experience with ChannelConnector stating “One of the best things I enjoy about working with you guys is you guys – the staff. You have always been super positive and super professional with a courteous attitude and it’s just been a real treat working with you.“


Mark  looks forward to continuing his successful collaboration with ChannelConnector moving forward. “ChannelConnector’s interface is definitely the way to go and just working with you guys is a real treat. That’s all anybody wants if they’re going to integrate with a partner”.

VRP and ChannelConnector are two companies with many shared values.  They work, both independently and together, with a constant commitment to professionalism, open communication channels and an optimistic vision for future growth, and there’s certainly more growth forecast for VRP.